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Student supervision

2019 Internship of N. Galmiche on inferring vertical profiles from surface data
Supervisors: Tsuyoshi Wakamatsu ; Co-supervisor: Julien Brajard
2019 Internship of H. Boulze on Deep Learning for ice type classification
Supervisors: Anton Korosov ; Co-supervisor: Julien Brajard
2019 Internship of A. Filoche and E. Noëlé on Model parametrization using machine learning
Supervisors : Dominique Béréziat, Anastase Charantonis, Julien Brajard
2018 Internship of M. Kouassi, A. Rimoux and C.Soriot on Satellite image inpainting using deep-learning
Supervisor : Julien Brajard
2014 - 2017 Ph.D. of Pacôme Eberhardt (LIP6) on Numerical validation and High Performance Computing of numerical codes
Supervisor : Fabienne Jezequel ; Co-supervisor : Pierre Fortin and Julien Brajard
2017 Internship of Sajed Medlej (LOCEAN-AUB) on Study of surface velocity currents following extended the outputs of the Altifloat project.
Supervisor :Julien Brajard
2017 Internship of Corentin Vasseur and Zined Elkhlifi (ENSIIE-LOCEAN) on Deep learning algorithm for Nowcast of ocean dynamic
Supervisors :Julien Brajard and Anastase Charantonis
2016 Internship of Evangelia Alexiou (LOCEAN) on Uncertainty quantification in Ensemble Data assimilation algorithms
Supervisor :Julien Brajard ; Co-supervisors : Jérôme Sirven and Olivier Talagrand

Teaching subjects